Thursday, 12 August 2010

Untitled - A collaboration with Sam Matta

I was very fortunate recently to have the wonderful artist, Sam Matta, collaborate on editing this image by Richard Walker.
 The original image was taken spur of the moment upon a visit to a remote stone circle in South West Scotland. I noticed the lean of a Hawthorn tree and handed Richard the camera (a very abled and promising new photographer), got nude and climbed into the spiky tree.
 I was immersed in the location around me, immersed in deep and personal thoughts but at the same time lost to the sensations of my surroundings.
 I was intrigued to see that this is the image Sam came up with as without mention he put in the sea, the wind and the darkness that was in my mind at the moment the shot was taken. He read from the pose that I portreyed and altered the image to compliment it.
 How interesting that from my pose he was able to deduce the places that my mind went to, surely an individual of incredible artistic talent and intuition.
 I have dabbled in photoshop myself ut could never hope to create a peice of work like this and certainly not in the short time frame that Sam did, I am indebted to him and grateful.
 I sincerely hope that the emotions I was feeling at the time come across, I hope people see an honesty in this image and not just another nude, I hope someone at least sees my intentions in this image.
 I sincerely look forward to collaborating with Sam in the future on location shoots as with his intuition of the mind I am sure we could create some important, meaningfull, deep and truly beautiful art together.
 I am intrigued to know what people read into this image, what story they come up with of their own accord and for that reason this peice has no title.
 Check out Sams work here