Monday, 7 December 2009

Good Night November....

 Rather late in posting this I do realise and also rather tired just now but thought this might be a good idea before I head of down to the Wild Woods of the South to learn the ways of bushcraft instructing....
November was a fairly busy month and I was fortunate enough to experience a brief period of calm after the chaos of November. Unfortunately I could not do a few photoshoots due to illness on both sides but I had plenty of Life Art Modelling work.
 I do love doing life art modelling for the most part and am allways fascinated by the variety of poeple i meet on various workshops or classes, everyone allways gives you so much respect.
 I started doing art classes at Gracefield with a lovely Woman called Linda Lyons. It was my first time modelling for a class so full of young people! 17yr old school girls expanding their portfolios so that they could get into art school, its really nice to think that I may have helped them with that just by posing.
 I also had a 2 day workshop with the Muevos from MMV art whom I used to pose at nightclasses for. It was my first time posing on a comfy mattress yet i managed to pick a pose that very quickly became uncomfortable. Its interesting the varied results that you get from these workshops and allways intriguing how the other artists interpret my human form.
 Here are some examples of the Students peices from the workshop.

After my next session down on my course I will be spending roughly a week in London doing photoshoots, I cant wait and some of these are quite a big deal it would seem so wish me luck!

 With regards to my course.
 The course is going well and continues to prove very interesting with lots and lots to learn. I had my second session towards the end of November and was very glad when the instructor was impressed with my lesson plan and concept that I had created as one of our assignements though my code of conduct needs work.
The session in November consisted of lots of axe work (which allready I have put into good use) and even tree felling. This was also the week in which we got to work on our bows ( proper hunting bows! though obviously I will not be hunting). We have made them completely from scratch, chopped the tree down and everything the whole works. I was devastated after carefully removing bark that my wood was split and I had to start again which has put me behind the rest of the class, I will have to knock the basic shape out at home. Depending upon the result I may post a wee instruction on how to make a bow because it is a fascinating process and I can not wait to have to see the results.

Anyway that will have to do for just now as I have to be up early to catch the train to Liphook tomorrow for my third session which I believe is all about our Basic Expedition Leader Qualification. I am hoping all the expedition work I have done will come in handy now as I am lacking in the craft section.
This post is rather mundane and boring I am aware but I am tired, I shall amend it when i get back.

Yes we camped out in those storms and floods, camp was rather wet!