Sunday, 20 December 2009

Starlit Sky, Snow and Siberian Sentiments

 Tonight is so incredibly beautifull, cleer and cold. I have not seen the stars shine this brightly in a long time, not since Siberia and the snow has iced over crisply. I actually feel quite touched by the weather right now and honoured by mother nature that she would show me this beautifull sight. It does take me back to thoughts of Siberia and spirituality tonight, my connection to the land is very strong right now and has been of late, I have been having incredible dreams recently to do with wandering the land and purpose.
 It is of course romantic, very romantic, a night i would love to spend with someone special....
 Everything works out in the end, its getting there thats the hard bit but everything works out because deep down we have the capacity for total understanding its just a shame that insecurities get in the way amongst other things but deep down it is there.
 The wilds run in my soul and i am lucky to know my purpose but for just now though, tonight I will enjoy the Stars, the Snow and the Cold as if it were made just for me....and perhaps another thinking the same