Monday, 15 March 2010

DickAndFranny : A Photoshoot for a Lovely Lady

 I was recently in contact with a lovely Jewlery designer and artist who runs "DickandFranny" and I ffered to model or photograph some of her work for her site. She decided to send up some of her handmade Jewlery but alas she did so just before I severed my tendon and most of my finger! My friend Lylium, another model who has a natural talent for the art, travelled Down from Edinburgh and battled the freezing cold weather to help me out and model in my place whilst I attempted one handed photography. Commercial photography is very new to me as is shooting one handed, I am very gratefull to Lylium(as well as her makeup skills) and Cecca the designer has been a pleasure to collaborate with.
 Here are some of the results
Edits and photography by yours truly

Edits by Lylium