Friday, 19 March 2010

Lyliums Sketch

 I was honoured yesterday to see that my beautifull and creative friend Lylium (from the photoshoot in one of my last posts) had created a sketch of myself. I was honoured and flattered, I appreciate creativity in all its forms but Lyliums work strikes me as something special, it is allways full of symbolism or part of her soul and recently I have found her creativity very inspiring and it has compelled me to paint and be creative myself once more.
  She also gave me this beautifull enchanting painting for christmas which I have fallen in Love with. I am enchanted by its mystery and get lost in its world....
 I urge you all to check out her site here

In turn I edited a photo I had taken of Lylium in our first photoshoot together..

And as she dances at dusk,
 underneath the nights new moon.
At this time of magic,
she bids fairwell to the sun so soon.
And as her dance speeds,
when feet begin to fly
She throws aside her cloak,
and loosens her stars into the night sky....