Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Art By Claire Watson

 Recently I was very honoured to have been involved in a project and series that a good friend of mine, Claire Watson, has been creating through the magical medium of paint. The painting of myself is a wonderfull peice on its own entitled "Bold Blue". I really appreciate Claires art and this peice in particular I marvel at the paradoxical realism and abstract feel of the image. Looking upon it there is no doubt in my mind that it is me and in this regard it is realistic and the shapes very true to form, the colours and use of shadow however lend to the abstract feel of the image. I am amazed at this unique and paradoxical combination and find that it works wonderfully.

 Claire who is a generally creative and artistic wizardess has tried her hand to great effect in many different forms of artistic expression from modelling to sketching to photography, amongst many others, and it is nice to see this self expression manifest itself in her painting work.
 She is currently working on a series of nudes in this styling and when asked where she drew her inspiration from she told me that she first got the idea after doing a painting for her sisters birthday, who has been a fan of her sunrise and sunset silouhettes and "feeling blue", combing these two styles she came up with a new passionate image in red.
 "I enjoyed doing that painting, so i thought about what else.... and I'm a big supporter of LGBT.... so instead of just sticking to female couples I also then started to do some male couples and then I thought of doing a series incorporating the colours of the rainbow, which is linked to LGBT pride."
 "Not just LGBT but everyone! Every type of relationship, every strong feeling...its all part of life, the world and its all encompassed within the rainbow."
 "Why do I like painting nudes? Because they interest me. Curves and the way light and shadows fall on them interest me"
 All of this has combined to give birth to her new project where symbolism, a plethora of emotions, clever painting techniques, abstractism and realism combine to take us on a journey through all aspects of life, emotion and relationships, the world within the mind and heart and to create this beautifull Rainbow.

The "Rainbow" series along with more peices will be on Exhibition at Tea Tree Tea Cafe, Edinburgh in March 2011

Please do take the time to visit her site, this is not some publicity bumpf, I am not paid to write like this I am just genuinly passionate about her artwork and feel it is worth a look at the very least.