Sunday, 30 January 2011

Paul Holroyd

 I have recently received some images from my shoot with Paul Holroyd back in September. I have the fortune to be travelling down to West Sussex to work with him next week. I absolutely loved our two day shooting in September, at the most stunning locations, it feels wonderful to be a part of something so artistic and every image has a story.
All images copyright: Paul Holroyd.

Dreams Of Autumn

The Bowyer


Where the Wild Ones Live

The Stare

 The Martyr

Angelic Nightmare

Guardian of Folly

The Door and The Dagger

Demonic Dreams




 I am also dreadfully aware that this has not been updated in many months but such is life, it gets in the way. A combination of being very busy modelling, bushcrafting, painting and making things and generally living life with a nasty computer virus resulted in my abscense but now I am back.