Monday, 14 March 2011

Crafty Footsteps

 For a fair few months now, since before Christmas, I have been involved in a Viking reenactment organization and a local medieval/viking craft club. I have managed to bring my knowledge of wilderness skills to the group adding a different dimentsion to the whole topic.
 Recently I have even managed to do a couple of School visits thanks to some friends that do viking and Medieval school visits. The last visit was a whole day spent with a group of 60 kids and I spent about two hours talking and demonstrating fire, foraging, herbal medicine and hygiene which they loved. It was so refreshing seeing such enthusiasm (when i demonstrated bowdrill and got it smoking they wanted me to burn down the school). I am glad the lesson went well and after break I was in my stride.
 I personally would have loved to have a couple of medieval warriors and a medieval lass turn up at my school whilst on the run. They also loved the battle scenes of course, as I did myself, as well as the comedy between blacksmith/ fighter and arrogant night and blacksmiths daughter. I look forward to doing more of this work.
 The viking reenactment also led me to a wonderful visit to York where the Jorvik festival is held. A wonderful and well known Viking festival with viking trading, demonstrations, battles and education for the public. I had to get my Viking outfit together for this with little time and it has to be authentic. I would show photos of the finished outfit, which is not very flattering, but alas I left it in York. I do however have some photos of the leather shoes I made, my first ever!
The socks however are not authentic
Cosy sheepskin lining.
 On the outside there is no additional Sole