Monday, 2 May 2011

Digital Manipulation Update :Rosemary Taglialatela

Power of the Moonstones. Photomanipulation: Rosemary Taglialatela, Original Photography: Robert Kerr of IMS Photographics, Location:Aberdeenshire Scotland

I believe it is time for a creativity update:

I am very lucky to have met a variety of creative and talented people over the last few years, some in the real world and some through cyberspace. I have found wonderful artists whose work speeks to me and whose skill is apparent. When i find such an artist i let them know that creatively i see them as some what of a kindred spirit (words that could perhaps get me in trouble but are said with truth). What a wonderous thing that we can meet others who have similar interests and creative passions through places like Model Mayhem and Deviant Art (I must create my account)
  One such individual that I got speeking to recently is a lovely lady called Rosemary Taglialatela. I appreciated the romanticism and gentleness of much of her work and there is a real sense of magic and nature throughout her work.
 I was surprised when she decided to do a quick edit of a small image I had on my facebook but pleasantly surprised.
 What i was very surprised by is that Rosemary decided to change the scene from day to night which aptly suited the fact that the image was shot in a stone circle that was based upon the moons cycle rather than the sun or so I believed at the time based upon the direction of the stones (after later investigation it turns out i was right!) Rosemary did not know that this was shot in a moon stone circle yet she decided night and the glow of the moon was more apt. How wonderfully fitting. I feel the image had a real sense of invocation in it, the magic of nature and the unknown. As you may imagine I really rather like it!
 Isnt it wonderous that we can collaborate with creative creatures from across the globe through these simple little boxes sat on the desks in front of us?
 The result is what you see above you.
More of her work and photography may be found here:

Now for some of my photomanipulations, something I have been reinspired to approach again recently thanks to my friends wonderful kids.

I was lucky enough to have a nice wee photoshoot with Brandon and Rowan, my friends wonderful kids who I love as if they were family. Not only are they awesome in general but they are also brilliant wee posers. Here are some of the results from our brief photosession and I am glad to say they loved it though i am not totally happy with my work on Rowan and think i need to add something extra she did a fab job though.
 I am proud to say both are profile photos :D

I am very proud of my work on this image, you would never guess that this started off as a nice photo of a smiling 12yr old lad! I am proud to say that he loves it too having a liking of werewolves:) The background images were local photos I took and even the fur on his face is from my photo of a wolf i worked with. :)

Rowan told me recently that wolves are her favourite animals, yay just like me!, and so I decided to place her atop a mountain (behind my home) next to Luna a wolf I worked with. She adores this image.

I also recently photoshopped an image of myself by Unhinged Photography (Just a few tonal adjustments)

I am more than aware that this blog is falling into disrepair but I suppose such is life....
I found myself with little time to post anything other than imagery, time has been consuming my written words...
As time eventually consumes all things. I wonder how many people find it reasuring to know that we are but a spec but barely that in the apparent infinity that is time and how many find it disconcerting. Then again is time infinite or is time repetative, does it go round in circles, even if time did pass in circles surely it would still be infinite? Just another little pondering on the majesty that is mystery.
 However time works it has been hard to find any of it spare of late between my new job (seasonal museum attendant), being a Viking (I passed my basic combat in April), my viking, medieval and bushcraft school visits, modelling, birthdays etc these posts are long overdue.