Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The loss of Eloquence

Commitment to this blog appears to have been short lived. This begain as a free form of expression, a secret that was honest and true with entries that strived to share some depth and philosophy but alas it has devolved into merely a record of some of my modelling work and even that has not been kept up to date. Rest assured that much has transpired over the years both in my artistic creativity, my wilderness skills and my own personal growth and relationship with the world.
Aside from all that i have not even shared any information on the work i am doing as a viking and crafts person. Perhaps this will return to how it once was over time, perhaps it shall not but i am glad that it was what it was for a while.
If you want to see truth, eloquence and the real Kat then I suggest you read the first entries in this blog though i warn you, you may not like what you learn