Monday, 14 September 2009

First Signs of Madness

 Well thats what they say about talking to ones self isn't it? That is what it feels like I am doing in this virginal entry. I sort of like it this way, like this is my little secret to share with those wanderers that pass through my realm from time to time. Let them discover this diary and judge for themselves what they think of me and my adventures.
 To be honest however I have started this with the hope that there will be many more adventures to record and share as I certainly have had an adventurous past. Unfortunately, however, in the last two years i have had to curtail the explorative conservation expeditions i live for...but i have found other ways to explore and fight until my health sorts itself out.
 I intend for this diary to cover my modelling and photography as it picks up (just such a shame i didnt do this from the start) and more importantly my bushcraft studies as recently i was very fortunate to get accepted on to a course to become a bushcraft instructor (and it is a properly recognized diploma) with an expedition leader certificate on the side. Of course i will try and make sure to post the usual mix of creativity, dreams, poems, passions and general mumbellings of a madwoman as well.....I cant shake the feeling that the rambellings will take over.
 A little bit about my previous exploits....
 I have been heavily involved in conservation and animal rights since i was a little girl (where i got it from however i have no idea) I adore the land and nature is my BIGGEST passion in life....beyond belief how passionate i am about it really.
 At 17 I got accepted on to my first expedition which was to take place in the remote Altai Mountains of the Siberian wilderness where i would be studying and collection data on the rare and critically endangered Snow Leopard in very remote and harsh terrain.
 Due to our efforts and evidence collected, recently, the Siberian government made the decision to dedicate the area as a nature reserve (a gas pipeline will have to be diverted from China now amongst other things) which is a HUGE accomplishment for our team as these things rarely happen. I am so proud to have been a part of that wonderfull team in the Altai. I left part of my soul in the rythm of that wild land.
 At 18 I went on to spend some time on expedition in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador to conduct biodiversity studies and help that area attain a similar status. We were very fortunate to find a completely new species of Glass Frog.
 And finally at 19 I went to New Mexico to spend time working at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. More of a need to get away than anything else and an entirely different experience to the expeditions. I was honouring the wolves and have developed a huge bond to that place, its animals and a great deal of respect for the team particularly the director Leyton Cougar. I take my metaphorical hat of to that man.
 Since I returned I have been wandering the wilderness and scraping out a living one way or another, I got involved in photography last year and ,of all things, artistic modelling. It gives me something to sink my teeth into creativly and is a good way to meet people. I definately approach modelling from the art side of things and try to bring depth to my images or at least intrigue....I am not in to "pretty-faced vacant modelling" apart from anything else I would not be any good at it!
 Anyway I feel that is enough for my first entry.
 Here are a few photos from previous travels and adventures: