Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Time to be getting on with things.....

 Which is why i am sitting here, writing this and thus procrastinating.
 My last two posts have been full of clarity and truthfull deep thoughts which is why i believe it is time for some childish, joyous, non-harmfull whimsy.
 There are times in life when some things just can not be beaten. Autumn walks where you cant help but feel in tune with the earth and can not resist kicking up the piles of fallen leaves that lie in your path. It is amazing how healing nature and those innocent childish moments are. Remember the feel of the wind against your face and the cold and the silence where there is nobody else but yourself. How special those moments are and how wonderfull that we can recreate them.
 Even just hearing the crunching sound of the leaves beneath my feet as i walk the dog in a dark mood sends a little bit of joy through me.
 The autumn is bringing promises with it, berry picking, colder nights, cosier homes and a wilder land. I love it because as people move inside to get out of the cold and the dark nights i move out into mother nature and the truly wild land where there are few others but myself and kindred spirits wandering through the mysterious days of autumn and winter.
 Autumn reminds us to not take mother nature for granted and it reminds me allways of how lucky i am.
 And how lucky i am to be going on a course that helps inspire respect for the land, that helps people understand her again through closeness. It will not be an easy course but it is an important course and i plan on learning as much as i possibly can and i will try to leave knowing i have done the best i can do.
 Even when there is nothing else there is allways the land.
 As long as we help look after her there will allways be leaves to kick.