Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Power of "Goodbye", The Strength of "I'm Here for You"

Its incredible the moments in which we hold a mirror up to ourselves and see what is truly there.
 The day when we can look upon ourselves and see the darkest parts of our soul and face up to that is a day towards healing.
 The day when we can turn around and face up to the hardest thing we have ever known and against all odds act selflessly and caringly no matter what fears you have, no matter what you want for yourself and no matter what you miss. That is the day when we realise how much we ourselves have healed.
 That is when we discover truth and strength.
 Few if anybody on this planet, no matter what hurt they have spread, do not deserve the opportunity to heal and have help. At the end of the day however the first step comes from within and nobody can take that away from you. It is in that tenous moment that self discovery can be made, that change is wrought and it all comes down to the idividual.
 We can run from anything in the world except ourselves no matter how hard we try to drown it out, truth will be waiting for us in the silence.
 Our greatest enemies are within us, if we can face up to them we can do anything and truly help heal the world.

I wish to share a secret with you that i learnt only a few nights ago.....

A True Fighter fights out of Love,
Not Fear.
 Not Self-Harm or Self-Hatred.

 I hope that you all find your true path and the path to truth....whatever that may be for you.