Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Frosty February

As I was leaving the house for my caravan last night I caught my breath at the beautifull sight of the garden. Everything was delicately locked in a thick frost that was lit beautifully by the moonlight, it almost seemed to add a magical silver glow to the garden.
 Even though Imbolc has passed and the sap is slowly started to rise and the new birds are returning every day Winter decided to remind us that we were not quite through yet, even though it was milder she still had a hold of the land.
 And today as I was sitting at my computer compiling and inputing biological data for my course and listening to a beautifull song, it started to snow, it was quite and soft. A gentle, peacefull, fleeting moment.
 Unfortunately I was too busy to take photos but I have some of the area in the frost from previous years.