Sunday, 7 February 2010

Raven Awaits You

Today has been a sad day I must admit, a day of emptiness, longing and endings...not yet acceptance but decisiveness....
 Its amazing how stories can wind into our lives like ivy and then aesphixiate us like snakes, beautifull but dangerous stories....
 It is with some interest that I received the above photo from a photoshop artist in the Ukraine, Ann Amsterdam. She had no knowledge of my feelings at the time, nor of symobolism associated with my life yet she came up with this image.
 The ravens are very symbolic of someone that has frequented my life, they had a fondness for the birds.
 The saddness in myself and the rain is also very apt for my mood today.
 How very fitting and curious.
 I found this sentence underneath the image on the artists own website please allow for mistakes in translation;
 "Raven awaits him. Just let him fly away. He'll find a new world without you near, but with you in his heart"
How sad
 Then there is the title she gave the image...............
 ......................Raven Awaits You