Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We are Halfway Gone...... and a walk with the ancients

 Well I have returned back home from my session this month down in West Sussex on my course, it was the 5th session and therefor we are halfway through. I have to reflect and say that this course and the team have grown very important and special to me, I want to do well by it and them.
 So much has transpired over the last six months that I allmost feel much older and certainly somewhat changed but in a good way, I feel I have learnt a lot from hardships endured and new experiences both on the course and away from it.
 When it is all over I shall miss it.
 This week was a curious week, there was a trip to an Ancient Yew Forest (Kingly Vale) where there was also some ancient burial mounds (SteveO had told me probably Bronze Age) which needless to say I felt connected to. The walk had an interesting effect on the rest of the team, all was calm and still and open, people talking and sharing special things. It was an honour to visit that stunning and beautifull place and walk amongst the ancients both the trees and the burial mounds.
 Let me share some photos....

A splendid view met our eyes on the way down from the Burial Mounds at Kingley Vale. Believe it or not just a few minutes before I took this photo a large peregrine falcon flew close to us as we crested the hillock. I was honoured.

A flock of birds in the distance added more grace to the landscape.

We were lucky with the weather, sunny but with a stormy sky, dramatic and gorgeous.

This was the view from atop the hill at Kingely Vale and from the burial Mounds

 Ancient Bronze age Burial Mounds atop a hill beyond an ancient Yew Forest with spectacular views on either side for miles. Truly a special place.

We arrived at the burial mounds atop the hill to e welcomed by a powerfully stormy sky.

Wild Clematis grew in Abundance at Kingely Vale.

I found this site of an old Rowan entwined with Ivy truly magical and mystical. I have an adoration for Ivy and a personal association with Rowan.

The Last photo I took at Kingely Vale and an inspired moment, a member of the team looks very primal behind the statue.

We also visited a Hazel Coppice, something which is somewhat of a rarity nowadays and an old practise.

Hazel Catkins

The bark of an ancient tree that had been pollarded.

A huge bull that is close to our indigenous species of cattle.

The Biggest Beech you I ever did see!